Wireless and Mobile Computing Security

The need for wireless and mobile computing security grows exponentially as the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that employees rely on in their personal lives become integrated with or dictate the nature of their work technology. Many organizations realize the benefits of these technologies for productivity and cost savings; however, organizations must also be aware of the new risks associated with transitioning to a mobile computing environment. Veris Group has the experience necessary to mitigate the unique risks and to create the specialized processes to ensure that a more mobile organization remains secure and in compliance with industry and Federal security mandates.

Veris Group has assisted customers such as the Department of Justice and the FBI in the planning, design, implementation, and management of cost-effective secure wireless and enterprise mobility solutions. Our mobile device security subject matter experts have experience with the leading mobile device platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, and RIM Blackberry, as well as many of the leading 3rd party mobile device management (MDM) vendors such as Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Boxtone, Good Technologies, and LRW. Our staff has in-depth understandings of the security architectures of these platforms and the strengths and weaknesses associated with those architectures. They have conducted security analyses of these devices using forensic and developer toolkits and popular device jailbreak / rooting methodologies (i.e. Snowbreeze, Redsnow, GreenPoison, Jailbreakme.com). In addition, our professionally trained staff has experience in designing and assessing secure remote access solutions and conducting assessments of Bluetooth and wireless networks (WLANS).

Our wireless and mobile computing security services include:

  • Enterprise mobility solution risk analysis and mitigation recommendation
  • System engineering and integration of mobile and wireless solutions
  • Design and implementation of cost-effective and manageable multi-platform mobility solutions that provide enterprise and personal data separation
  • Mobility Architecture Development
  • Security requirement and policy development for mobile and remote access solutions, including web-based email such as Outlook Web App and VPN, web conferencing, and Citrix solutions
  • Operational support and remote management of customer mobile solutions using native Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync capabilities or MDM solutions
  • Mobile device Operating System & Application security evaluations
  • Bluetooth, WLAN, and Remote access solution auditing, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests
  • Mobile solution secure technical implementation guide development
  • FISMA compliance assistance for mobile solutions

To learn more about Veris Group’s wireless and mobile computing security, please download our brochure (PDF).