With the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda Blueprints for Splunk, our team would like to share some key benefits of utilizing Splunk in an AWS environment. The AWS Lambda Blueprints provide an easy to use and seamless log export mechanism, which addresses the key scalability, reliability, and security challenges commonly found with Splunk.


As a Splunk administrator, imagine an ecosystem at your fingertips with the scalability to provide a configurable selection of compute resources and systems in any geographic location. AWS empowers the Splunk administrator with the tools to scale central processing unit (CPU), random-access memory (RAM), storage, and even operating systems quickly and easily. AWS also provides a global data center presence to deploy resources at a location to fit your needs. You can have production compute needs close to home while maintaining disaster recovery systems safely away from home. Using the regional and global redundancy with high availability that AWS builds right into the platform, you can host your data wherever you need it.


Splunk isn’t considered to be just a monitoring tool. Companies are leveraging Splunk’s advanced data analytics to make critical decisions, often in real-time. Splunk and AWS together give your organization the production level reliability needed to run your business effectively. By deploying Splunk in AWS, the solution can easily be provisioned with local redundancy and high availability using isolated zones interconnected by low latency links. No matter how you use Splunk, AWS ensures that Splunk will always be there when you need it.

Management and security teams often express concerns about placing critical systems and/or sensitive data in the cloud. Our AWS and Splunk architects can assure you that AWS isn’t just for DevOps anymore. AWS security and compliance certifications surpass most privately owned and hosted data centers. Customers demand encryption of data, both in transit and at rest. Improved authentication procedures including two factor authentication is a must. All of these security mechanisms and more are built right into the AWS platform, while meeting the requirements of many security standards including SOC, ISO, and PCI.


Veris Group’s AWS and Splunk architects can show you how Splunk on AWS is a great fit for almost any organization! Contact our team to learn more.