Our Investment

Wanted: Exceptional people who thrive in entrepreneurial environments. Work with dynamic industry experts, contribute your technical skillsets, and align with our group work ethic that continues to make Veris Group a major player in the cybersecurity space.

Partner with an investor in your future. At Veris Group, we take your growth seriously. As an employee, you are encouraged to take advantage of programs and benefits that demonstrate our commitment to your professional development, including:

  • Comprehensive orientation and onboarding
  • Mentor assignments for new hires
  • Upward mobility and support to move from subject matter expert to manager or supervisor
  • Extensive internal training in managerial skills, including consulting skills, interpersonal skills, project management, and technical topics
  • Partnerships with leading cybersecurity providers that give you access to exclusive training on cutting edge technologies
  • Relationships with colleges and universities to provide internships and pathways to hire
  • Alliances with external training vendors to provide certification preparation
  • Exceptional professional reimbursement benefits

These efforts demonstrate our dedication to your development and a commitment to building a stronger cyber workforce for the future.

Customized Career Paths

Cross-train and move within the company to positions that best suit your career trajectory

Immersive Student Internships

As a student, fully immerse in current cybersecurity efforts through an exclusive university internship program

Continuous Professional Development

Expand your professional skills with technical and non-technical learning opportunities