Today’s content-rich web-based, thick-client and mobile applications are incorporated into critical business functions in nearly every organization. Vulnerabilities in these applications are increasingly popular attack vectors to penetrate network boundaries and steal sensitive information. To mitigate against these threats, effective security assessments (vulnerability assessments and penetration tests) need to be built into every critical application lifecycle. Our Adaptive Threat Division has extensive experience conducting security assessments of custom-developed and third party applications for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies as well as multiple cloud service providers (CSPs).

Veris Group’s Application Security Assessments are designed to comprehensively identify weaknesses in our customers’ applications, whether custom developed or developed by a third party, regardless of the operating platform. Our approach utilizes the latest commercial and open-source automated application vulnerability scanning tools in conjunction with a strong focus on manual analysis of application logic, and susceptibility to common application attack vectors and insecure software development practices. Our results are designed to be comprehensive, repeatable, measurable and transparent to ensure the root cause of application weaknesses are understood and correct remediation actions can be taken.