Social engineering is the most commonly used tactic across all levels of adversaries to gain unauthorized access into a network. While many organizations attempt to implement a policy and technical capabilities to mitigate against this threat, network intrusions through social engineering attacks are often still highly successful. A proven way to assess an organization’s risk to these threats is to test the effectiveness of existing technical and organizational protections, starting with the security awareness of personnel.

Veris Group’s social engineering assessments are designed to help our customers effectively evaluate the risk of social engineering attacks to their organizations, identify breakdowns in protections and implement remediation strategies to improve organizational security posture. Veris Group utilizes processes developed over dozens of engagements to evaluate weaknesses in our customers’ identification and response activities, and ensure attempts to gain unauthorized access to critical information and systems are promptly addressed. Our results assist in augmenting a robust security program, tailored to mitigate the most common and devastating attack vectors used today.