Offensive & Defensive Testing

Veris GroupThe ability to proactively gauge operational risk is critical to maintaining strong, viable security. Our Adaptive Threat Division (ATD) is composed of highly skilled and experienced testers with a passion for understanding and simulating advanced threats.

ATD employs adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to demonstrate the true risk to your organization. Our technical security assessments provide you with a complete analysis of the real risks to your information systems, a set of actionable steps to reduce that risk, and assistance in developing a long-term security strategy.

Protect critical business assets.

ATD helps both public and private organizations conduct methodology-driven, technical security assessments across a diverse set of technologies. We offer several technical security assessment services, including:

Why Veris Group?

Our ATD division was founded on the belief that we can positively affect your organization—-and the industry as a whole—by employing complex adversarial tradecraft to identify system and organizational weaknesses.

We use the term “Adaptive Threat” to represent the ability to simulate threat actors and evade system defense measures. ATD actively participates as thought leaders in the information security community by:

  • Releasing and supporting resources and open source toolsets (such as PowerSploit, Empire, Empyre, Bloodhound, PowerForensics, and Uproot)
  • Authoring blog posts and whitepapers
  • Presenting at numerous industry conferences including DefCon, ShmooCon, DerbyCon, CarolinaCon and multiple BSides events

ATD’s goal is to advance red team tradecraft by empowering security testers with the skills to better emulate advanced adversaries and improve the security posture across industries.

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