Assessment Program Accelerators

Shift your security program into high gear.

Based on our experience managing hundreds of assessments (penetration testing and red teams) for government agencies and Fortune 500 customers, our Adaptive Threat Division developed a comprehensive project management and quality assurance process that we embed into every engagement. Let us help you develop assessment program accelerators to ensure proper planning, coordination, execution, and reporting occur on time and within budget.

Customized Strategies, Training and Support

We provide the following assessment program accelerator capabilities:

Training Support – Provide customized technical training to customer personnel on assessment execution (penetration testing/red teaming) and toolsets

Program Management Development – Review/develop program management approach, processes and workflow improvements

Assessment Management Development – Develop templates, process diagrams, and methodology outlines for scoping, executing, and closing out assessments

Technical Assessment Execution – Review security assessment capabilities for technical depth, comprehensiveness, compliance, consistency, efficiency and repeatability

Assessment Toolkit Development – Review/develop assessment toolsets to ensure adequate technical coverage

Program Customization – Tailor processes and procedures to specific customer environments and involve necessary stakeholders to help ensure a successful program

Acceleration Strategies – Share lessons learned and assessment tradecraft to help minimize ramp-up time

Why Veris Group?

Our assessment program accelerator services help you:

  • Build a self-sustaining internal technical security assessment program by taking advantage of our research, experience and training capabilities
  • Demonstrate and evaluate attacks against critical business systems
  • Improve training and readiness of incident responders
  • Accelerate program development by implementing processes, toolsets and documentation templates