Amazon Web Services

government_competency_adv-consulting-partner_light_largeCloud computing allows organizations to trade capital expense for variable (operating) expense, benefit from massive economies of scale, flex computing power to meet business demand, and focus resources on key business rather than maintaining data centers.

Drive key business results by choosing the right approach for your business with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a world leader in cloud solutions, products, and services. Get the guidance you need to optimize your cloud platform from a certified AWS Consulting Partner.

Navigate the vast choices of security architectures and solutions with a team of experts. Identifying the best approach for your business needs. And assist your compliance team to understand, document and implement security controls, both inherited from AWS and embedded in your applications.

Veris Group recently achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and the AWS Government Competency. Learn more here.

Governance, Risk and Compliance in the Cloud

Empower compliance with cloud-enhanced GRC services

Legacy Migration

Seamlessly migrate legacy applications to the cloud for increased scalability and agility